Current Favourite Reads (Feb 2015)

The Usborne Big Book of Stars & Planets

The Usborne Big Book of Stars & PlanetsI bought this to supplement our homeschool theme on ‘Space’ in December 2014. It’s a visually stunning book, made better by the fold-out pages! She LOVES it and still reaches for it when I ask her to pick out a book to read together. Here’s a picture of her favourite page in the book!

Another space-themed book we enjoyed was Space Lift-the-Flap. The illustrations are wonderful and there’s lots of facts on every page – a fact-loving kid would love this!

We’re Off to Make ‘Umrah

We're Off to Make 'Umrah by Sana MunsheyI was shopping around for a picture book about umrah and this seemed to be the only one available, so I ordered it without hesitation. Fortunately, it turned out to be perfect for the 5-year-old kiddo. It explains the steps involved in making umrah from the perspective of a young boy, along with on-point, though somewhat dated, illustrations. There’s a poster summarising the book’s content included. It’s pretty useful! We have it pasted up on the wardrobe door to review whenever she feels like it. I would definitely recommend this title to anyone who will be making umrah with young children.

The Enormous Crocodile

The Enormous Crocodile by Roald DahlI started introducing the kiddo to chapter books lately, even though they’re above her reading level. And what better books to start with than Roald Dahl’s! I read to her a few pages at a time before bed. We finished it not long ago and she’s been asking me to read it to her again. Quentin Blake’s illustrations are a winner as always; they truly complement the whimsical style of Roald Dahl’s writing. I think we’ll read Matilda next!